Criadero de Gatos Siameses y Orientales | Shasa



Shasa is a small hobby Siamese and Oriental Shorthair cattery, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's a FIFe registered cattery.


Our first cat was a seal point Siamese boy. Through him we learnt to know and love the breed.
On our way of learning about this breed we discovered the Orientals. It was love as first sight.
Thus, Leila -our first oriental cat- arrived to our lives.


Siamese and Orientals...

Nature outlined these cats with elegant, sinewy, athletic but refined silhouette... but also with an exceptional personality.

They are vocal, sprightly, affectionate, even temperamental and... yes, " human-addict" too.

They can be extremely demanding and should not be left alone for long periods of time: daily play, companionship and interaction are critical to the emotional and mental well-being.
They are also extremely intelligent and they usually get bored… so, if you don't give them something to do, they sure will "invent something" to do instead!


Why "Shasa"?

"Shasa" was the nickname of our very first siamese cat: Kumiko Angel. We always said that our cattery would have our first breeding cat's name.

Shasa means "good water" (Khoisan language) and is the greatest blessing a Bushman can bestow on somebody...
All our kittens have African names, especially Khoisan, Swahilli and Zulu names.


This a totally familiar cattery. Our cats are raised as members of our family, living and growing together with us, without cages. Our home is their home.

Beggining from cats with excellent health and fantastic temper, we are looking to improve the type... but our priority has always been to develop a breeding program based on the blotched pattern.
It is sometimes said that you need to build a house before painting it... OK. But this is not more than just a hobby. And therefore, we raise what we like :)
In our opinion, the blotched pattern is the most beautiful tabby pattern. We love it.

Shasa | Gatos Siameses y Orientales

But, as breeding depends on many factors… sometime we will have babies with beautiful spotted pattern… very showy, since they are out of cats that carries the blotched gene.

Shasa | Gatos Siameses y Orientales

In all these years, with some ups and downs, we have received the invaluable support of our family and friends who the thank inmensely.

Especially to our son Diego who -since his early three years old- has learnt to share his parents with the cats :)

Also, we want to thank the ones who have trust us the product of their so long years of work.
Especially those who gave us our pioneer cats, Swazi, Tango and Kei: Janelle & László

We shouldn't forget Jitka, who not only did she open her home and the European catteries' doors, but let us met a beautiful human being as well.

And, last but not least,
we thanks our cats for all the love they give us.

We'd like this site to be the Shasa's life book whose pages could filled with happiness, love and beauty.